About the production

"Puffing" is the basic manufacturing technology used for processing most of RACIO cereal products.

This modern technology is used especially for the production of rice and wholegrain cakes and snacks. The main raw materials for production are wheat and rice, which are stored in special warehouses.
Moisturized wheat or rice is dosed into expansion baking mould, in which due to high temperature of 300°C and pressure, the raw material looses the moisture and expands in a very short time up to 10 seconds into a specific shape.
Cakes are then sorted, the broken and damaged are taken out and after that the cakes are ready to be flavoured in spraying or coating machine. After this process come drying in drying or cooling tunnel.

Products then travel to the packaging line, where they are packed into a foil, expiry date is printed on each pack and put into cartons and placed on pallets.
Afterwards, the products are moved into the dispatch warehouse, where they are shrink-wrapped on pallets and dispatched to customers based on the order.

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